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Talk face-to-face with a professionals online

Earn online, no matter what you are good at

Sell any kind of services online towards clients worldwide

Accept live calls and real-time jobs through browser

With time-based billing integration

Start your own online consultation service by accepting live chat requests from people around the world. You can setup your own live services and customize the charge per 10 minute block. Video, audio and text-based chat modules available!

Extend your servuce coverage by allowing clients to contact you in realtime through browsers.

Build custom profile & portfolio

Showcase your professional experience

Setup your very own online profile with personalized cover photo, avatar, profile summary, contacts, portfolio and more! Your profile will also contain customer reviews which builds positive reputation to your business and professional career.

Your profile lets potential clients get a little more understanding about you and your service. A polished profile is essential element of a succesful online service provider.

Sell any kind of service

We will handle all the billings

No matter what your area of expertise is, you may always configure and sell your services on LivePerk. We provide several types of services interfaces which allows you to serve your customers online. We will handle all the tricky parts such as charging the customers and transferring your earnings to your bank account.


For Everyone

Need to consult an expert? Need a job done? Or simply want to talk to someone? Interact with skilled members across the globe through real-time video & audio chat! No matter what kind of professional you are looking for, you can find them on LivePerk.

  • Search through millions of users around the world
  • Consult other users with different area of expertise
  • Communicate through live video, voice, or text chat
  • Get real-time support for time-sensitive issues
  • Get answers and solutions to any kind of problems
  • Purchase useful service from other users
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee or get a refund

For Professionals and Freelancers

Are you a professional or a freelancer? Do you have some sort of skill that could benefit others? LivePerk allows you to create your professional profile and provide any kind of service online to clients worldwide. Starting building your online career today!

  • Build your personalized professional profile page
  • Provide service online to other users for real income
  • Sell service through live chat such as providing real-time consultation and support
  • Sell non-live services such as logo design, answering questions etc
  • Securely bill your clients
  • Build professional portfolio with feedback from real people
  • Earning transfers to your bank or PayPal account
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